China might lead the race to 5G Networks


5G networks has the capabilities and strength to power the booming technological advances such as, robotics, virtual reality and self-driving cars. 5G is 10 times faster than 4G network. It would enable to download a 3D movie to phone in just 30 seconds as compared to six minutes taken by its predecessor 4G.


5G offers speed, capacity and no lag time between device and server. It can potentially deal with the increased usage of connected devices in the future. However, 5th-Gen requires super-high-frequency airwaves and infrastructure before entering in replacement process.  The Trump administration showed interest in providing its nation with 5th-Generation wireless system but still inaction from U.S. and other countries enabling China to win this race in his nation interest.

China’s emerging 5G ascent

Currently, the China’s government support and industry momentum struggling to lead the race. However, the expansion needs government and private sector investment simultaneously. Beijing has planned and working to provide large commercial scale 5th-Generation internet system by 2020. The government is distributing a good amount of radio frequencies for preparation of 5G. As compared to china the relationship of government and industry in U.S. vary widely. It is the fact the Chinese government and industry has more uniform links and coordination, especially in telecom industry. Whereas South Korea could consider second in the race, as the South Korea’s largest telecom firm showcase World’s first 5G tablet.


The future of 5G in US

The United States has the resources and potential to lead the race but need adjustments for it to happen. However, as compared to China and South Korea, US have not allocated radio frequencies yet. US need to pass legislation to permit infrastructure for radio frequency allocation. The wireless communication industry in US is lobbying for 50 reforms.

However predicting who will lead the show depends upon several questions. Will US clarify laws about radio frequency allocation? Will the collaboration between China government and industry continue? Whether South Korea continue to showcasing numerous 5G products? It’s the countries considerable interest to decide which country is leading the pack. Techmasair


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