5 foods to eat for a flat belly

Exercise is must to keep your body in shape. The fat around your belly is harder to lose than the fats in other area of the body. It is because fat cells in belly are resistant to mobilize and burned. Some foods in your diet aids exercise to have a flat belly. No more dieting needs but select the right food, in a right quantity, at the right time to cleanse your body and maintain flatter and sexier figure. Here are the foods which make losing belly fats much simpler.

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  1. Almonds

Almonds consist of proteins, fiber, vitamin E (an antioxidant) and magnesium (mineral required to produce energy). It blocks the calorie built up in the body and reduces absorption of fats to keep body lean. Almonds maintain muscle tissues and regulate blood sugar which prevent craving for extra food.

  1. Eggs

The protein and fats in the eggs make the feeling of satiety; you won’t feel hungry throughout the day. Dietitians recommends eggs uptake because it’s a perfect source of proteins. It regulates your muscles fibers and brain chemicals. Eggs also provide vitamin D. insufficient amount of vitamin D leads to obesity.

  1. Fruits

The fruits are the dieter’s best friend due to its high fiber content and low calories. Apples or pear helps to lose fats. Moreover it can fight cancer, reduce cholesterol damage, antioxidant activity and promote healthy lungs. Berries fuel your workouts and help muscles contracts more efficiently. Bananas rich in potassium ease blotting.


  1. Yogurt

The prebiotics, healthful bacteria and calcium in the yogurt keeps the digestive system healthy, low incidence of bloating, improves intestinal motility and constipation and helps to reduce weight faster.

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  1. Salmon

Seafood is excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and abs- friendly proteins. The proteins in fish keeps body fuller for longer time and has low calorie. It promotes fat burning and efficient metabolism. Omega-3 fatty acids can also alter the expression of certain genes, which alters the mechanism of fat burning instead of storing it.

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