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4 reasons why forehead kiss is more than just romance

4 reasons why forehead kiss is more than just romance

Love is what holds the couple bound in relationship. Kisses are grand romantic gesture of love. You can add little spice to your hearts by special kisses; as on your girl’s forehead, on her neck, on cheeks, at her special moments and so on. Girls live in fantasy world and constantly imagining situations in their mind. So they contemplate the forehead kiss and consider it beyond just romance. Here are the 4 reasons why a guy should not underrate the miracle of irresistible appeal; forehead kiss.

Romance is expression of your affection

I think this is great way to say ‘I love you’. It connects head to heart directly. Before this love was a just feeling but after this love becomes an act. Besides forehead kiss, there is no existed sincere expression of love and affection.

It’s ocean of feelings

Forehead kiss is just the thing, the girl crave for. It makes her feel proud, protected, truly cared, secure, well respected and loved. It felt real deep in the heart. It’s the cute gesture of true love. It is the confession of emotional feelings that are more than lust.


Intimacy of love

Kissing on forehead in quite adorable way emulate a romantic cinematic moment. It brings back the intimacy of relation and sparks the passion of love. Therefore, strengthens the partnership. Moreover, communicates your inner heart feelings and develops faith and trust for you.

Tenderness of romance

Special kisses on forehead can warmth the bond of love in her heart. Go and kiss on your girl’s forehead to show your interest in her – after fights, in her mood swings, while hugging, cuddling, before going to bed, after making out, while pretending to sleep, in your busy schedules, at candlelight dinners, planned or unplanned trips. Refresh your relationship with her. She will definitely regard you. Techmasair

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