Last-minute gift hunting? We’ve got a suggestion that won’t trouble the postman

We’ve all had that last-minute panic when we cast an eye under the tree and realize that, despite all the promises to the contrary, our loved one has indeed bought you those extra seven presents, making your own offering look both pitiful and Scroogey.

But fear not, because even if the postman is incapable of Santa-like delivery times, the world of digital can ride to your rescue faster than a shiny-nosed reindeer railing against the bullying of his supposed team-mates.

Yes, it’s the time of year again where we point you in the direction of our friends who make actual, physical products called magazines (made out of paper!) and offer subscriptions to both those and digital versions that are absolutely perfect for a last-minute gift.

That means, as you open present number seven and realize that what actually happened was that someone had individually wrapped your socks in order to pad out their own offering, you can smugly point out that your present a) doesn’t run out of battery power on Boxing Day and b) keeps arriving for months, thus making it a far better present than theirs.

Because one-upmanship is the true meaning of Christmas, right?

Future – the publisher of TechRadar – has put together a veritable swathe of offers for its magazine offerings ahead of Christmas, which means that whether you’re looking for a present or to just give yourself a Christmas treat, there’s almost certainly a magazine for you.

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