McLaren launches racing-car inspired MSO X

McLaren, or more specifically the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) unit has created 10 bespoke new models designated MSO X, with all of the cars being commissioned by one of the Woking manufacturer’s main dealers in Newport Beach, California.

Each of the 10 MSO X models have been inspired by the McLaren 570S GT4 racing car but have each been modified for road use. With the addition of the GT4-spec rear wing providing 100kg of extra downforce, the 204mph top speed of the standard 570S won’t be achievable by the MSO X cars, but the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 engine still serves up 562bhp. A titanium exhaust system and sticky Pirelli P Zero Corsa tyres have also been fitted to the 10 MSO X McLarens, as have a race-derived bonnet and roof scoop.

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Further racecraft enhancements include liveries inspired by classic McLaren F1 GTR racing cars, which dominated sportscar racing in the mid-1990’s. MSO X chassis number 10 for example, wears a similar black and grey paint scheme as the Kokusai Kaihatsu Racing F1 GTR that took overall victory at the 1995 Le Mans 24 Hours.

The interior isn’t what you’d call well equipped or comfy, owing to the MSO X’s racing nature. A six-point racing harness replaces the inertia reel seatbelts in the 570S and carbon fibre trim is dotted around the cabin. The centre console and tablet-style information screen are still equipped, as is the digital instrument cluster.

Unfortunately, mere mortals won’t get to purchase a McLaren MSO X as all 10 examples were sold by the British marque through its Newport Beach dealership. MSO however is happy to listen to potential customers interested in creating a bespoke McLaren tailored to their needs, as long as they have the requisite cash.

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