Ways to improve water quality in lakes and rivers

Drinking contaminated water sickened the population. Drinking water deserves a high standard of care. Similarly, to maintain the integrity of source of water should be our prime importance. Necessarily, the drinking water quality demands multiple barriers to avoid contamination. Fresh water sources are continuously degraded and declining. The water quality and nutrient impacts of freshwater in lakes and rivers can be managed by these ways.

Farm management

According to report, two years back in New Zealand, contaminated drinking water sickened more than 5,000 people in a small town having the total population 14,000. Further inquiries revealed the fact that the sheep faeces likely to be the source of bacterial pathogen, entered in the aquifer. This happened due to heavy rain flooded in the nearest farmland. So the farm management is important to tackle the issue.

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Managing hotspot

Detect the main source of contamination or the point at which contamination is entering in the source of freshwater. The contamination is disturbing the nutrition impact of freshwater. Beside the case of storm and flood, the risk factors for the contamination of freshwater sources should resolve quickly. This will surely helpful for the secure and safe water supply.

Establishing ownership

For drinking water safety and security the suppliers must take the ownership. Clear ownership means to make sure the nutrient content of water and to avoid contaminants to breach the iconic water bodies. Governments have to invest more and more money in order to make the safe source of water and security of drinking freshwater.

Risk management

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The large scale approach to maintain the water security is to assess risks that can contaminate water. These risks necessarily mitigated at each barrier. A principle approach has to start to improve the drains and riparian vegetation, and enhancing and restoring the wetlands.

The management is much more achievable and cost- effective. Moreover, government, researchers, industry, NGOs and the concerned authority has to start the general public awareness programs to reverse the declining health and quality of our rivers and lakes.

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