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Month: June 2018

9 Body Language Mistakes Even Smart People Make!

According to law of psychology, one’s posture or gesture and body language can put negative impression on other. These little secrets can help you to maintain your prominent image at work. Sitting language in a relaxed way Sitting in a slouch position, not only harms […]

Muscles integrated by the Japanese engineer in robots

Researchers in Tokyo have integrated living muscles tissue in robots. The ‘biohybrid’ design developed just mimics the movement of human finger, as described in journal Science Robotics. The video shows the bends at the joint, picks up a loop and placed back. The simple movement […]

Xbox One X Vs PS4 Pro Which Is Better?

These two (Xbox One X and PS4 Pro)  being the most successful of the gaming consoles present in today’s market. There is a very less difference between the both, a performance difference? a design difference? Xbox One X and PS4 Pro For gamers a slight […]

China might lead the race to 5G Networks

5G networks has the capabilities and strength to power the booming technological advances such as, robotics, virtual reality and self-driving cars. 5G is 10 times faster than 4G network. It would enable to download a 3D movie to phone in just 30 seconds as compared […]

What’s in store for the sharing economy?

The sharing economy is among the fastest growing industries today.  It may seem to be circling around the hospitality (Airbnb) and mobility industry as Uber. But the benefits are far away we expect. Societal collaboration disrupted plenty of industries as from office space to household […]

Anti-obesity drug that melt fat without curbing appetite

Galveston scientists at University of Texas have developed the new (weight loss) anti-obesity drug. According to the study published in journal Biochemical Pharmacology, the drug has potential to fight obesity by burning fat cells without suppressing appetite. However, the preliminary research is conducted on mice. […]

Why Would People Prefer Electric Cars In 2019?

The main question is that why people would prefer electric cars in 2019. The main reason being that as the environment is being affected these days we wouldn’t have an atmosphere to live in the near future We need to act towards preserving the atmosphere […]

Elon Musk sent the most powerful spacex rocket with his car

Elon Musk spacex just began the adventure. He stunningly managed to pull off the shooting abroad most powerful spacex rocket on Earth.  His mission is to define the coming decade with most efficient way of carrying things and people in our solar system. This powerful […]

Here’s the secret behind gorgeous hairs of Chinese women

The Chinese village ‘Huangluo’ is famous as ‘The Long Hair Village’. In the village the Yao women are known for their black shiny long hairs that range up to 1.4 meters.  Besides their flawless skin they have healthy, shiny hair envied by the women in […]

Home remedies to remove cracked heels!

Cracked heels? You feel too ashamed to remove your shoes in public? People usually ignore the care of feet. These remedies help to attain you perfect heels. Listerine and vinegar on heels Listerine help to fight toenail fungus, cure cracked feet, and soothe skin. The […]