If 7.6 billion people jump on Earth at the same time

Ever you think of the idea if 7.6 billion people jump on Earth than what will happen? If you bought 7.6 billion people in the world and fit those into one area say New York City (it would be a bit cozy though). Our movements will have a big impact on the world around us. The physicist Mark Boslough at Sandia National Laborites and astrophysicist Paul Sutter at the Ohio State University were approach to investigate about the matter by the Business Insider team.

7.6 billion people jump will cause tsunami

The experiment work best with all the population at the same place. They instruct to jump one foot into the air and at the exact time. There would be a whole lot of energy released instantly when everyone landed back to the Earth. However a small part of this energy would go back to our shoes. The rest would be dispersed on the ground as well as air. This energy would lead to harrowing consequences.

  1. There would be huge sound just like applause. The loudest possible sound ever created on Earth and would be probably of 200 decibels. The jet engine produces 150 decibels of sound at the takeoff. While our ear threshold is just 120 decibel. So this sound energy produced due to the jump would shatter ear drums.
  2. The ground will shake. And if we jump near the coast, it can cause tsunami with 100-feet tall waves.
  3. The shake of earth would trigger the earthquake with the 4-8 magnitude range. However it could cause some major destruction such as railways, electric lines, bridges and buildings collapse.

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However the major happenings on the ground would not cause any effects on the outer space. The 7.6 billion people jump would not change the orbit of the Earth, no matter how cool it may be. So if you want to try the experiment for any good reason, don’t do this. As this will only impact our Earth’s environment just. The people jump idea is only wonderful for your last college day trips though. techmasair

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