Do anti-glare glasses worth your next month salary

Glasses not only look more attractive but the anti-reflecting coating ‘AR’ or anti-glare coating also improves eye vision. The coating eliminate reflections from the front and back surfaces of the lenses of eyeglass. Without reflection and fewer distractions more light can pass through the lens and optimize the visual acuity.

Anti glare

The glasses are more helpful especially at night. The lenses become almost invisible with the coating, which can enhance appearance, facial expression and more attention towards the eyes. It can also help you to maintain better eye contact with others.

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AR eliminates the unattractive reflections on your lenses and more beneficial with high-index lenses as compared to regular plastic lenses. It has the capability to allow 99.5% of light to pass through lens which is good for the healthy vision. The anti-glare glasses reduced the strain by prolonged use of computer screen.

It sharpens vision, enhance clarity, adds comfort without reduce of sun-reactive performance. Anti-glare is also comfortable while driving and prevents ‘halo effects’. The coating is also a good idea for sunglasses whereas the back surface just coated. The surface also prevents the formation of water spots.


How the anti-reflective coating is applied

The anti-reflective coating is apply with vacuum deposition technology. It includes multiple rinsing and washing processes. Coating materials are bombarded by electrons, which vaporize in coating chamber and adhere uniformly and microscopically to the lens. The high quality glasses have usually up to seven AR coatings. You can also choose the AR glasses that filter the specific wavelength of light such as blue light filters if you spend lot of time working on computer.

anti glare

Always take care of anti-glare glasses

Harsh chemicals can damage the coating so always use the products which optician recommends. Surface defects and fine scratches are more visible in the coated glasses as compared to normal. Don’t wet them to clean. Use dry soft cloth on a dry lens to prevent scratches. Techmasair


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