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Reasons Why You Need Anti-Glare Protector For Your Gadgets.


Anti-glare protector reduces fluorescent by adding thin transparent layer to protect screen which also reduces eyestrain and eases viewing.

How Anti-glare works

  • It reduces the reflection of the light that hits back of the lenses and bounces back on the eyes.
  • Gives screen an added layer of protection from scratches and dust.
  • Improves viewing in the challenging Indore light conditions.

Ways to get protection

Protection for Monitors

Monitors are widely used in offices people work on these for long time which can effect the eyesight so Anti-glare  protector prevents eyesight.For Laptops

Laptops are used for office work as well as for entertainment purpose so it also can effect eyesight and also the screen of the laptop can get effected by scratches and  dust so Anti-glare can prevent our eyesight and also the screen of the laptop.

 For Smartphone’s

Smartphone’s are use very roughly and in every kind of environment (clean or dirty) so there are wide chances of Smartphone’s screen getting damage so Anti-glare protectors can protect the screen of he Smartphone with it dual-thin transparent protection  layer.


For Tablets

              Tablets are mostly use for reading newspapers and watching movies and in both we need a strong concentration which will surely effect our eyesight so it prevent out eyes from getting effect.


 Privacy And Protection


Gold privacy                                                          Black privacy             

Keep your information safe and                                                                                                The world class “Black out” privacy filter

Confidential on your screen with gold                                                                                     Keeps information out sight from others

Privacy filters for monitors and laptops.                                                                                  While Eyes you even get crisp.

 Ultra clear

Virtually invisible protector for your mobile phone.

Provides durable scratch resistance with incredible

optical clarity.

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