Are robots going to rule the human world?

A dozen of arms started working in the factory. The job is to pick, place and move. Repeat! The operations manager is surveying them. Surprisingly, they are just get monitored but did not get paid. In fact this is the story of robots fulfilling the orders of customers in the food factory. Automation is increasing at Britain’s factories. Human are there just to clean the machine, clearing excessive plastic wraps or removing imperfect cakes. The number of robots has rise up to 225,000 and still counting. And not just in manufacturing side but also in the working area.

Shadow Robot Company has developed human- like hands for NASA, Qualcomm and iPhone chip designers. Recently, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, has developed the unique minimalistic robot. It is the best low-cost seasonal labour robot; has the sense to identify ripe fruit and vegetables and picking up. It also has the abilities to work in space; as lightweight.

Human threats

The industrial revolution consequences are not just abundance and leisure but also ‘technological unemployment’. The human jobs will become automated, enhance productivity, cause economies to grow and wealthier. But this wealth is divided in fine line demarcation between skilled and unskilled, between those with and without jobs. It’s the time we have to understand to best use the available resources.

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15 Million UK jobs will become automated in a few decades, said Andy Haldane, the Bank of England’s chief economist. Can human fight back? A factory with no employees? Reflecting the fact human are being by machines for their jobs. 47% of US jobs are at risk due to ‘computerization’. Some human tasks; heavy lifting, precision positioning and vision quality control, certainly transferred to robots. Definitely, different type of workers with great focus in flexibility and adaptability.

The fourth industrial revolution will change all professions. It poses the serious doubts; will it be positive towards job creation likewise all the three revolutions or not.

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