Artificial Skin That Can Sense Pressure!

We usually take the sense of touch for granted because it never turned off. Sense of touch is the intricate network of nerves that help the brain to manipulate about the type of things, warm, wet, hard, weight etc. The efforts in the past few years to develop prosthetic limbs that could really feels become fruitful. Scientists have come up with the artificial skin that can transmit pressure just like the real human skin. However, it lacks the capability to send feedback to the brain where it can stimulate the sense of touch. The Stanford University researchers have created artificial skin with the carbon nanotubes.

Artificial skin

Artificial skin with the real feelings?

It’s made of the flexible circuit of pressure sensors. These pressure sensors tangled on organic substance. The sensors are able to turn pressure into electric signals. The experiment was perform in the mouse where the artificial skin efficiently stimulates the mouse’s cortex. The shape of these sensors makes them sensitive to different amount of pressures. The signals were translated in the mouse brain’s cell. The electronic frequency was enough to understand the information by brain. The researchers have tested the artificial skin on real skin instead of just their brain cells. The mice surely have felt the skin as their own.

However, this was not the first approach to bring the artificial skin into reality. The Korean researchers have already published last year, the skin that can feel the wetness if the object is touch. The artificial skin developed now seems to be different. It transmit the electric signals more effectively over the long distance and energy-efficient. The researchers are hopeful to improve the capabilities of skin; to make it more sensitive to other kind of pressure such as prolonged pressure or brushing movements, sense heat, humidity, dryness etc. The artificial skin would probably help to graft skin wounds, help recover burn victims and permanent skin surgeries. Techmasair

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