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We all know valentine’s is coming within few weeks. Everyone is busy thinking what to do to surprise their partners. This Valentine’s Day we will be giving you exciting gift ideas that will help you to stand out of the line. So do you want […]

how to deal with food cravings at night

how to deal with food cravings at night

Are you hungry at night? And don’t know what to do? Well there are now many online food companies that help you to provide food right at your door step. So no need to worry about your 3 am cravings. Top 5 online food ordering […]

5 Habits That Can Keep You Healthy This Winter!

5 Habits That Can Keep You Healthy This Winter!

Health is wealth “Health is wealth” You would have heard this word thousand of times. And this is totally true because this habit being healthy isn’t a trend infect it is life style habit. Habit: These few little things will help you in keeping yourself […]

Why the belly fat is so stubborn Trip & Tricks!

The real story and science behind the obsenate belly fat that will surely make you to forget the ‘weird tricks’ flat belly diets and all other nonsense on how to lose the fat around your belly. Learn here the scientific proven supplements instead of grueling […]

9 Body Language Mistakes Even Smart People Make!

According to law of psychology, one’s posture or gesture and body language can put negative impression on other. These little secrets can help you to maintain your prominent image at work. Sitting language in a relaxed way Sitting in a slouch position, not only harms […]

The hair care mistakes that you are probably making

Diet for hair care It’s critical to care for your diet to maintain healthy, fresh, shiny long hairs all the time. Eat eggs; enriched in proteins for your hairs. Include spinach and leafy greens in your diet to provide iron. Whole grains provide biotin. Proteins, […]

7 foods that should avoid to reduce bloating

16-30 % people experience blotting. Bloating cause belly swollen, by the excessive gas production, due to the disturbance of movement of muscles of digestive system which increase pressure and increase your belly fats. It is usually caused when you stuffed the stomach with excessive / […]

Caffeine intake is more bad than good

Caffeine is psychoactive (mind altering) drug. People use caffeinated drinks due to its taste, power up through long nights, enhance mood or to improve endurance. It may present in everyday food and beverages such as, chocolate, cocoa, coffee, tea, soft drinks and energy drinks. Caffeine […]