What does an average CEO look like?

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CEO ‘Chief executive officer’ is the high-achieving profession or the ultimate career goal for many. What it means to be a CEO is not simply calling the shots but earning respect and inspiring your entire organization to do their best. 15 members of Forbes Coaches Council share their views regarding the traits of CEO material.


  1. Passion

The best ranked CEOs are passionate about their words. Develop strong connection between mission, vision and goals. Connecting them with passion is also necessary to understand how and why a company. Connect your story together with your passion.

  1. Vision

To be a CEO, needs a vision. Communicate that vision to motivate, inspire and lead others to contribute to its success. Surround yourself with the people who have a big vision; thus to improve or develop your vision.

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  1. Grit and courage

Model the company’s vision with action rather than words.  A great CEO needs ownership, courage as well as grit to model the company towards its strategic direction.

  1. Self-confidence tempered by vulnerability

Leaders must have self-confidence and intelligence. As the higher you rise in ranks, your decisions have more impact.

  1. A track record of high performance and potential

It’s not only excellent performance record but also the desire to take the leadership to more challenging positions.

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  1. Decisiveness

Don’t take your decisions as the best way instead engage in open talks, dialogues, gather information and listen many points of view. Take the tough decision, be the strong communicator and culture builder to be an effective CEO.

  1. Backbone and heart

A potential CEO must have the ability to say what may be considered unpopular, speak their mind and ability to stand their ground.

  1. A connection with the culture

An aspect usually overlooked is the importance of connection with the culture. Don’t distant from the people who are actually making the business to happen. Cultivate trust with personally connecting them.

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  1. No ego

Leadership style of great CEO is to have ‘everyone wins’ mentality. Develop the micro and macro situation and possibilities for success.

  1. The mindset to embrace obstacles

Obstacles are the part of path. A true Cheif Exective  understands them as the opportunity to learn new skills and reflection time to the new ideas. Techmasair

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