Chocolate health story far ahead from myth and truths


“Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re going to get.” (Forrest Gump)

Myth: Causes acne.

.Truth: Studies found no connection between eating chocolate and acne.

Myth: High in cholesterol.

Truth: Chocolate is low in cholesterol moreover, low in animal fat.

Myth:  Causes tooth decay.

Truth: Studies found that tooth decay is not as big of a problem as once thought.  Because, tooth decay is mostly results by poor hygiene.

Myth: High in caffeine.

Truth: Chocolate is not high in caffeine and comparatively contains less caffeine than coffee.

Myth: Causes weight gain.

Truth:  When eaten in moderation, chocolate does not cause weight gain.

Myth: Is addictive.

Truth:  People who say they are  chocolate addicts are just experiencing strong cravings.  The characteristics of an addiction such as tolerance and withdrawal and chemical changes in the brain just not associated with eating chocolate.

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Besides this myth and facts story, chocolate may provide numerous health benefits. The higher health effects are generally associated with the main ingredient cocoa.  Dark plain chocolate is smart snack chosen instead of milk chocolate or others to get health effects and treat your stomach with the peculiar taste of chocolates.

Chocolate and health

Supports antioxidant effects

Mood enhancer (aphrodisiac)

Rich of magnesium

Potential cancer prevention

Cholesterol free

Prevention of clogged arteries and heart attacks

Raises serotonin and releases endorphins

Prevent women of violent mood, heart disease and hypertension

Cholesterol furs up arteries

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  • Chocolate may be good for the heart.
    • Chocolate contains chemicals like those found in red wine and green tea.
      • Helps improve circulation
      • Helps cut down blood pressure
    • Chocolate also contains flavanols.
      • Helps in preventing the oxidations of “bad” cholesterol, which reduces the stickiness of blood platelets and also improve blood vessel elasticity.
    • Theobromine, found in chocolate, was found to treat coughs better than codeine.

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