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How top 5 cities are smartest in the World

As smart cities initiative is not just the nightmare now but it is difficult o determine which smart-city initiative is most advanced. Researchers ranked the cities depend on number of factors such as adoption of smart grid technologies, intelligent lighting. The use of information technology to control traffic, Wi-Fi access point, smartphone penetration and the app landscape. However, transport and energy are the important elements in smart cities. Moreover, the budget used by the local government for the future smart technologies and the economic output, here are the top 5 ranked smartest cities in the world..


According to the Wall Street Journal, the Republic of Singapore is taking the smart city initiative to the whole new level. Singapore is going to be first smart nation with the sensors and cameras to track everything from cleanliness to traffic. Smart mobility policies and wireless connectivity with the software ‘Virtual Singapore’ enables city planners to run virtual tests as evacuating the building in an emergency. The government has make sure the security and privacy of its people, together with smart transport system, and the cheapest and fastest broadband availability.

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Barcelona is advanced in controlling and managing its transport system with the smart-city technology and free Wi-Fi facility in public areas. Barcelona’s strength is sustainable energy. The city has the comprehensive program for reduction in carbon emission. Moreover, it has the system to address drought with the sensors system for irrigation.

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London has used the smart-technology to tackle congestion and parking simpler. It has built an app to tell you the routes you can take. London has announced to invest in bus system and smart traffic technology.

San Francisco

The city has the highest density of LEED- certified buildings in the United States. The city has started the initiative of smart urban development and its sustainability. The government is confident and is investing to develop the smart transport system and parking system. However, transport payment system is online but traffic brings their score down in the list.

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Oslo is contender in the list of smartest cities. It has planned to curb the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission by 50%. However, it is aiming to be 95% climate neutral in 2030. The city also has established network of smart street light to reduce energy consumption.

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