E-cigarette Use Rise Among Pakistani Youth

E-cigarette is modern electronic nicotine delivery system, or vaporizers. The device is usually battery operated used as nicotine inhaler (aerosol form). It is usually available in different flavors and other chemicals. It comes in different shapes as pipes, cigars, traditional tobacco cigarettes, USB or pens.


The use of e-cigarette in teens

The use of e-cigarettes is most popular in the teens. It is due to the false perception among the teens that e-cigarettes pose no health harms.  Moreover, alluring advertisement, availability and flavors are appealing to this age. However, the e-cigarettes use in high schools students becomes the leading cause of tobacco product use and smoking further in life.  FDA in U.S. has designed the regulations to ban the in store or online sale of e-cigarettes to the young Americans. FDA also regulated the import, manufacturing, advertisement and distributions of e-cigarettes.

Emerging health risks

The popularity of e-cigarettes among youth is the cause of cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, stated by Talha Mahmood Pulmonary Head in Sheikh Zayed Hospital. The nicotine present in e-cigarettes when absorbed in blood stream stimulates the epinephrine release from adrenal gland. Epinephrine hormone increases the breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. Nicotine also activates brain reward system which stimulates dopamine release further motivates people to use the nicotine again and again.

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E-cigarettes are not less harmful than cigarettes. It has variety of chemicals which are toxic to human. Moreover, the nicotine and flavorings are also carcinogenic. The nicotine addiction also leads to addiction of cocaine and methamphetamine more pleasurable to the developing brains of teens.


E-cigarette help quit smoking?

It is general believe that e-cigarettes may help to quit smoking by lowering the nicotine craving. However, this is not the conclusive scientific study or evidences about the smoking cessation with e-cigarettes. Still it is not the FDA-approved safe as quit aid product. There is no scientific studies regarding the safety of e-cigarettes compared to traditional cigarettes. techmasair

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