Why Would People Prefer Electric Cars In 2019?

The main question is that why people would prefer electric cars in 2019. The main reason being that as the environment is being affected these days we wouldn’t have an atmosphere to live in the near future

We need to act towards preserving the atmosphere so that our grandchildren can see that we have a wonderful place to live in. The gas cars are the main issue for harming of the atmosphere, which doesn’t allow our crops to grow or to have a safe environment.

Electric Cars

Now I would put before you so some advantages and disadvantages for electric cars.


Advantages of Electric Cars:


Being the main issue, mostly the electric cars are cheaper than your ordinary gas car, and these cars can easily be fueled at very low prices and will indeed lead to gathering money from your respective government for going green and preserving the environment.

No effect on the environment:

If you go green, then your cars won’t produce any type of harmful emissions, those which lead to the destroying of the atmosphere. They won’t produce any kind of smoke or toxic gas because they are running on a clean source, which puts them above hybrid cars.

No fuel required:

An average American spends about $4000-$6000 on gas every year, this kind of spending can burn a hole in your pockets, although the electric cars aren’t cheap but as compared to gas cars they are a steal.


Recharge points:

As the electric fueling stations are still under construction, so it would proof to be a hectic procedure for those who have bought the electric cars.

Low driving range:

If you have an electric car you can’t go on long routes because the electric cars a ranged at a 60-110-mile distance, eventually they would have to recharged again. Although the concerned people are working on this to improve this distance.

Recharge time:

Usually it takes about 4-6 mins to fill you gas tank, but in an electric car it takes usually about 4-6 hours to completely fill your car. So, you need a committed PowerStation because it would take a lot of time

After reading this I know you would make a wise decision and won’t look towards your pockets but look at your life. Techmasair

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