Fasting’s beneficial effects that usually people underestimate

Fasting relate with many religions as spiritual asset. Fasting is not dieting nor starving. In this context, fasting is associated with changing in eating pattern. In that case you practice a diet composes of healthy food, fruits, and veggies instead of processed items. The handful of smaller meals, throughout a day instead of three heavy meals, in a specific time of day is recommended. To examine the calories in your diet is the key of fasting. Experts recommend 14-18 hours of intermittent fasting.

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  1. Supports fat loss

Fasting boosts fat burning state or ketosis in human body. Intermittent fasting burn fat reserves and fats stored around organs; heart, kidney or liver which interfere functioning of organs.

  1. Fasting increases metabolism

Leptin hormone regulates body weight, produce by body’s fat cells. As you lose weight, you decrease leptin resistance as a result. Becoming more responsive to leptin signals, improve satiety hence, improves the rate of metabolism by thyroid hormone production.

  1. Promote blood health and blood pressure

The state of fast, improves cardiovascular health, heart muscle performance, increase growth of blood vessels within heart, lowers blood pressure, decrease blood triglycerides responsible for narrowing of arteries. Moreover,  blood pressure is lowered by reducing the intake of salt and increase loss of salt through urine.

  1. Improves insulin sensitivity

Excessive fats stored in the body, blood and diet consequently, increase the insulin resistance. As you fast, the body secrete less insulin which increases sensitivity in insulin resistant condition.

  1. Decrease inflammation and improves body shape

Fasting improves body composition and fitness by fat metabolism, weight loss and hormone balance. Hormone balance decreases the inflammation by reduction in production of harmful proteins like inflammatory cytokines and shapes your body.

  1. Increase resistance to oxidative stress

The condition improves blood composition, hormone signaling and resistance to free radical-related damage thus healthy stress response. Healthy gene signaling, resistance to oxidative stress and better blood composition starts protective mechanism in your brain to age gracefully, healthfully and with full mental faculties intact.

  1. Improves cell recycling

It cleanse your body and organs. During the condition, your body not only target fat cells but also malfunctioning cells and tissues. It also decreases the production of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1) which promotes cancer cell proliferation.

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