Flat Earthers ! What If Earth Was Flat !

The 2018 is just halfway yet the Flat Earthers seems more resilient this year than ever. They also had their own convention in Birmingham and tried to discover gravity and Australia. They haven’t it all their own way and people are fighting back including Brian Cox, Google, and the man who took selfie on top of Everest.

Flat earthers

Earth being round

No one probably expect a picture of basketball to provide the example of Earth being round. But this is conducted by 36-year old software engineer named as Jeff. Jeff used basketball, a light, a camera and a remote just. The idea looked more as sci-fi film shared on Imgur. Jeff also explained technicalities to capture the image.

flat earthers

This is the convincing stuff and easy way to provide detail why a spherical shape would seem flat actually when comparing the ratio of two entities. Jeff said, by just looking at my photos it would easily imagine how the incredibly small creature living on the surface of basketball. The tiny creature would perspective the horizon of basketball as ‘flat’.  He was inspired to present the theory with the basketball as after interaction with few Flat Earthers he come to know their beliefs just based on memes. Their short-sighted logic managed to exemplify his response. But he himself has some reservations with the results.

So the Earth is no more Flat? What Flat Earthers would do?

As he said, my photos although not proved the Earth is round but it provides an easy way to understand how a sphere seemed to be flat. It is clear proof for the Flat Earthers that the horizon may appear flat but it is insufficient evidence to conclude the shape of Earth as Flat.

Flat Earthers

His post got viral on social networks and a lot of people applaud him as well. The thoughtful experiment might also doubt Flat Earth theory and might also force them to just think back. Techmasair

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