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The flying cars are more than the dreams: near-future reality

Flying traffic cops seems the cool way to control traffic. Likewise someone may hire the flying cars to get to work may sound unreal. But the flying cars are going new normal. Vice President of the ‘Terrafugia’ has announced the production of its flying vehicles at the end of next year. He prefers to call it “roadable aircraft”.

The first ‘flying car’ has been launch in 2005. However this can’t land off or take off on roads but to use an airport at that time. However the company used the hybrid powertrain to drive it’s on road and flies just like an aeroplane. Sometimes a hybrid is more than hybrid. Even in the sky it can use hybrid power.

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The company is targeting 65 mph cruising speed on the highway however the latest prototype has to be tested so couldn’t verify the number. In the air Terrafugia can use the extra battery power to boost to 100-horsepower, 1.4-liter Rotax flat-4 when climbing. While cruising steady in the air it has the ability to recharge the battery.

The driver has to install the rearview mirrors on each side after landing and electronically fold the wings. The propeller will lock into their position while on road, and digital cluster will automatically switches to flying instruments to road gauges. Unlike the most piston airplanes use avgas, the Terrafugia will run on premium unleaded pump gas. This will probably save $2 per gallon to the pilots.

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The Terrafugia has two seats and is rated for good weather use. However, it will require the general aviation license to fly. It will also have the airframe parachute and front air bags to ensure the safety in the air and on the road as well. The company announces to begin production in 2019. The Chinese auto giant Geely, also owns Volvo promised to bring the Terrafugia in market in 2019 but however did not specify when. Techmasair

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