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Google Will Beat Apple At Its Own Game With Superior AI.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s during October 4th keynote opening has shared his words:

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AI is radically rethinking how computing should work. We are really excited about the shift. The best way to forward this computing shift is working on software and hardware together.

Google bets on machine learning and AI, combined with their own hardware and software.  This would be a different perspective of problem solving for users and this how Google aimed to defeat Apple, clearly witnessed from the words of CEO during October 4th event.

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AI introduces context based software things that would learn interests, patterns, lifestyles, preferences of the users. Moreover, it would capable to predict what the user will be doing next based on the past experiences and many other factors. It would understand your language and your context. It would help its user in a way no other smartphone can today. In turn, this would be brand new experience where a phone respond just like human and saves users time.

To tightly integrate Android and AI or machine learning Google need 100% control of parts and specs of hardware. Later, the hardware would have their own requirement to run algorithms on the smartphone without uploading them into cloud. Although the Google uses hybrid approach as some data processed locally while some data processed in cloud.

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Hardware, software, AI combined Google will predict the users action based on the data they collect and run algorithms on. The software will learn and adapt continuously. After experiencing Google’s bundle, users won’t go back as it feels to them from switching multi-touch, all-screen to an old phone with physical keyboard and no apps. The innovation will led to beginning of new era.

Apple, on the other hand, has a stance of users’ privacy. They collect less user data, unlike Google’s Android the software is closed and the whole company operates in secrecy. The problem can be solved by investing billions of dollars to buy startups but it is privacy problem and more accurately, a culture problem for them.

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