Must read the physician’s warning before planning keto diet

Keto diet is trending now among celebrities and general public as the committed weight lose diet. However, it also claimed to improve diabetes and obesity. Thereby the diet garnered fame in Journal of American Medical Association as the low-carbon craze. However, with the entire positive outlook and evidence the diet did not sanctified in the medical therapy as much.

keto diet

Keto diet is not new as with the discovery of insulin the diet being used to reduce high blood sugar levels. The restrain of crabs use tune the body to use fats instead. Either stored or consumed fat use as the main source of energy and without blood sugar level rise produce ketones as a result. Hence the diet gets its name – keto diet.

keto diet

Some non-randomized studies claimed the weight loss with the diet. Still large meta-analysis shows no effects with the keto diet in diabetic patients. The more than one year survey did not show any difference in hemoglobin A1cs or glycemic levels.

Then how it affects the weight loss by keto diet?

The fact is the diet show initial weight loss results with the ketones production. These osmotically active ketones induce a diuretic-like response. It stimulates to lose fluid-related dieter’s weight especially in the beginning. The early results serve to decide whether to continue the diet.

In all the high-fat low-carbs weight loss diet such as Paleo, South Beach, Zone, Atkins, Dukan and keto the only reason to weight loss is due to low calorie intake. However, no meta-analysis show the long term better weight loss effects in comparison between low-carbs high-fats or high-carbs low-fats diets. Interestingly, low-carbs or high-carbs did not show any difference in blood sugar level in long term.

The keto diet can be named as ‘the fat diet’ as the 70-80% calories per day intake from fat. It was the diet of Inuit in the past. However, they experience high rate of heart disease, stroke and deaths as compared to the western population and non-Inuit. Currently there is no data regarding the safety of keto diet in adults. Techmasair

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