Kiki challenge is not the good idea anymore

Internet crazed with the ‘Kiki challenge’ these day. Kiki challenge involves performer to get out of a slow-moving car leaving the door open and the dancing the certain steps alongside in sync with the hit song ‘In My Feelings’ while someone else is filming. The song is by the famous Canadian rapper Drake.

However several Arab countries like Spain, USA, UAE as well as Malaysia put the ban on the Kiki challenge. The act is endangering lives and violating public decency and traffic laws on the people involving the challenge. The trending challenge worried the police in many countries about the citizen safety and road accidents. Police in Indian State of Uttar Pradesh, Chandigarh and Mumbai warn the parents about the dangers of the Kiki challenge.

The main advertisers of the challenge are the social media. Drake’s a popular track is with tuneful and catchy line ‘Kiki do you love me?’ it has already stormed the social network and gathered 82 million views on YouTube. This in turn started a Kiki challenge involving celebrities worldwide.

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No more Kiki challenge

Many countries traffic police and parents have shown the concerns about the blind following of this trend. They have raised objection about safety hazards in the challenge. It can be dangerous act as the performer has to dance behind the moving car and then jump back into it.

The police caution the parents to be more alert, not sure whether Kiki loves your child or not but love your child and stand beside them in all challenges of life except this Kiki challenge. Not only this is risk of your life but it can challenge the lives of others as well.

So countries banned the life-threatening challenge and advised desist from public nuisance or otherwise face the music. American-Haitian Hip Hop DJ Whoo Kid tweeted the alarming video showing the results what the Kiki challenge may look like when it goes wrong.

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