What life might look like on another strange rock?

If human met aliens the chances are they would not be look like us. They might bear close resemblance to simpler Earth creature: Microbes. The idea of life on any other planet has discussed in an episode of ‘One Strange Rock’ on National Geographic. In the episode, astronauts explain the use of extraterrestrial intelligence to find less-intelligent life-forms out in universe.

Astronauts viewed about extraterrestrial life:

NASA astronaut and physician Mae Jemison share his view in the episode; we should not expect bipedal character just look like human, that evolved on any other planet and appear around us. But absolutely simple life exists in other places.


4 billion years ago the life-sustaining on our planet Earth was these single-celled living things known as Microbes. Multicellular organisms like plant and animals evolve 600 million years ago. Human beings inhabit the Earth past 300,000 years ago while the industrial civilization is only 300 years old.

However, the human are defined as ‘intelligent’ and this intelligence existed about 0.0008 percent of the life existence time on Earth. If we focus on extraterrestrial intelligence ‘aliens’ and they are technological advanced as we are; than astronomers still have chances to find that intelligent aliens; Astronauts explained.


Another NASA astronaut Jeff Hoffman said; the possibilities to find lives on another planet it would be much simpler. But even if primitive form of life discovered on any other Earth-like exoplanet and they follow similar evolutionary path, still they look like bizarre to people on Earth. For example, the plants may not be green on that planet because they evolved to absorb and reflect different color of light from a different star.


For the detailed point of view of all astronauts of about the living creatures might discovere from other Earth-like exoplanets, tune into National Geographic Channel in an episode of ‘One Strange Rock’ on aired on May 14. Techmasair

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