The Sign That You Are The Target Of Love Bombing!

Sometimes the love of your life is not meant to be with you whole life. Take a step back and think that your soul mates are really meant for you or you are just another victim of love bombing.

But what is this love bombing kind of thing?

A psychiatrist and author Dale Archer explaining love bombing as, the shower of affection, gifts, unconditional love, gifts, and promise of the future, public display of sincerity thus making you believe you have discovered love at first sight.

The care, affection and love make you feel that you are missing all this longtime. However, their mask slips and you came to know the real meanness, belittling, and selfishness. It’s the stage when other one hive you love when you act how they want. But if you don’t act then they devalue you.

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Love bombing can be hard to spot

All new relationships are exciting so you can’t pinpoint love bombers. The emotional highs, butterflies in the stomach and giddiness are normal. But what is not the normal, the quick escalation into serious relationship. The constant contact through social media, instant messaging, texting and emails made you believe that you are made for each other.

What makes you vulnerable?

Your self-sufficiency, ambition and confidence make you more attractive and vulnerable for love bombing. Your past experience or trauma may make you more kind and empathetic. Abuser can take advantage and you can become an easy victim of love bombing.

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Breaking free

The devaluation after love bombing is dangerous game and heart breaking. But you will want that person back in your life. This makes you to do the things that your abuser want to do. This makes all the love, gifts and affection transactional. The breaking free is difficult, but if you do it will clear out all the fog to clear out empty promise.

There is no harm in taking the relation slow. Step back and think of your boundaries to avoid love bombing. Remember to protect yourself from being the target of love bomber. Techmasair

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