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Meet The Almost Human Replica Robot Sophia!

Former Disney Imagineer David Hanson created a social robot Sophia. The robot mimics social behavior and feelings of love and compassion just like human. The Sophia was revealed in 2016. She has enjoyed stardom and media coverage for TV interviews, magazines cover, and appointed as non-human ‘innovation champion’ in UN. She even conferred citizenship in tech promoting conference in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Where is Sophia?

Giulio Di Sturco was the first photographer to enter in the Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics. This is place where robotic parts are assembled by human technician. He photographed the most peculiar subject- Sophia. He stated it was difficult for him as in the beginning Sophia did not recognize the camera. But in few days she learned. Whether it is due to the software upgrade by engineers or she herself did online research but she started to pose. It was really strange feelings as I realized I was speaking with her.  It is difficult to believe she is a robot not a human being.

Sophia seemed self-aware robot but until now no robot achieved artificial general intelligence (AGI) or succeeded to become humanlike smart. She responded through prewritten material while talking to journalist. AI researchers have criticized the media for overselling its capabilities.

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Sophia’s creator argues her expressions are a major achievement. A publication on her software explained, deep neural networks allow to learn other’s emotions from their tone of voice or facial expressions and enable her to react same. Sophia can mimic people’s posture and mirror facial movements. Hanson patented the flexible rubber skin that used in Sophia’s face.

Ben Goertzel the AI researcher who has designed her brain said, I would not call it AGI yet it is not simple to get working. However, dynamics of perception, action and dialogue is abosolutely cutting-edge.

For Di Sturco this machine is once look utterly human and utterly devoid of life. She looked at him and smile, and this was the point where he thinks, she was not a human but there is kind of a connection. Anyhow he hopes she will soon get out of a lab and something crazy would happen.

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