Secrets about men that rarely tell to women!

What we just know about men is they love football, they are handsome with beard and that’s it. They also have secrets. Here are the secrets that they told themselves about them.

Men need moments of doing nothing

Yes. Despite the responsibilities, serious decision or facing the consequences now and then, man just want to spend time leisurely. They want to enjoy the moments of peace and quiet, usually away from family.


They don’t notice trifles

Usually women concentrate on trifles. The men usually don’t pay attention to little details. Man usually think globally. They just take joy from the situation as a whole. So as they did not take in account the mismatching in their dressing just like the woman.



Nonsensical thoughts are great rest for the mind

Male usually seems busy to struggle their source of income, plan about investments, needs provide to their family, thinking about mortgage, savings, expenditures and family life. Indeed they often think also about the nonsense. It is the great way to rest their mind from the realities of the world.

They have fears too

Men are always imagined as heroes. They are compelled to hide their feelings of distress or emotions even in the worst situation of life. Thus they have fear too. They feared about their decisions and worried about the bad situations in the future.

They appraise every passing woman

Obviously Mankind exists. It’s natural in them to appraise women by their looks and choose the best as the mother for their children. Inner abilities of women also attract them but they always stare and evaluate every passing woman.


They appreciate support

The universal myth is men are strong. Evenmore, they are physically stronger than woman but they always need emotional support as much as women. They did not mind to share the life struggle with women as well. Techmasair

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