Milk Substitutes Are No More Milk Said FDA!

FDA has cleared out that all those liquids or milk substitutes made out of almond, rice, soy, oats or coconut are not milk anymore.  The governmental approved definition of word ‘milk’ is the lactate from an animal or preferably a cow. And whatever extracted from almond etc are not in it.

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In a report of CNN, FDA question the name described by the plant-based milk substitute market. They noted the government is not enforcing its standards for the name being used on food packaging. Federal regulation code the rigid definition as the milk is lacteal secretions, colostrum free and obtained by milking the healthy cows. Still it worth to notice that goat and buffalo milk are not included but still be called as ‘milk.

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Vegan substitutes are not obtain by milking but however grinding the soybeans or blending the almonds. National Milk Producers pressurizing the FDA that milk alternatives are misleading the customers. While it is not with just the milk but for the entire dairy like milk, cheese, ice-cream, yogurt etc. The identity standards should be maintain clearly for the products from milk of cows.

FDA standards of identity ban milk substitutes as naming milk

FDA should maintain its labeling regulations and standards of identity for all the non-dairy alternatives. The reasons to use plant-based milk vary as lactose intolerant, ethical reasons, allergies, or flavor preference. The origin of plant-based milk has the reason but the nutritional profile does not meet up with the cow’s milk. However the manufactures may boost it with calcium and vitamin supplements.

The artificial milk manufactures are the bad name of the milk’s positivity. Milk sound better than nut juice though. But they would have to use the names as soy drink, rice beverages etc. the dairy and plant-based products should have clear labeled nutritional facts. So the consumers can choose according to the dietary needs and preferences. FDA now has to draw the line to regulate the standards that existed decades. Techmasair

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