How to inquire that your partner is still missing their Ex

If your partner was in another relationship before you than it might possible that he/she occasionally miss their Ex. That’s OK and perfectly fine if they think about them. But how to inquire that they still have feelings for them or they want them back can be noticed by following signs.

They compare you without even realizing

It is possible that your partner is subconsciously compare you with their ex. They can refer them by name or can say something like ‘in the last relationship…’ and go on to list the things. But since it is possible that they are not fondly thinking about them and it just be the hurt that twirling in them.

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They call you by their Ex’s name

Although happens unconsciously. But if they refer you in the heat of moment or arguments than it might possible that something popped up in their mind regarding their Ex.

They reminisce constantly

That is not necessarily a bad thing. However, if your relationship is on the rock, than it might possible that your partner is uncomfortable with you.

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They dream about them

This is also common that your partner talks about their recurrent dreams about their ex and it will make you uncomfortable. This can happen when they have unresolved issues regarding the previous relations that bubble up in their mind.

They bring them up at inappropriate times

If they bring them up at the intimate moments, love confessions, or romantic dates than it is the sign to worry about. It might spoil your love and trust.

They are constantly stalking their Ex

If you notice that your partner keep checking in their ex then obviously it is the time to be open with each other. It is sure they are preoccupied consciously.

They Defend their Ex

Take a note if your partner is extra polite, kind or defensive about their past. It may signal that they have feelings and it is exactly unfair for you. Techmasair

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