Are Women Going For Monobrow To Get More Natural Look?

In Today’s World women are fan of the ‘natural look’. The mark of beauty is natural face, natural skin, and natural eyebrows and assumes natural glow. But the irony is they spend huge amount of cash to gain that natural beauty.

According to cosmetic surgeons, the standards of beauty measurements are going to fade consistently. The modern ideal female beauty concerns changed quickly.

Natural Look:

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Now what is the ideal of the female beauty?

Mostly people assume that it is usually means T-shirt and jeans ripped at the knees and crawling after pets or children or dirt or life hardships.  But it is not.

All Natural Hair Shampoo:

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The enlargement breasts, lips and arses are out in the modern era. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons claimed 56% decrease in buttock implants while 11% increase in the breast reduction in the past few years. Recently a famous American Television personality Kylie Jenner has announced that she has reversed the procedure of her lip enlargement. So our analysis must be true about the natural beauty concerns.

The society is now demanding the more ‘natural look’ however, achieved by the cosmetic surgeries, naturally. Now the oxymoronic trend is to look more like- oneself. This would be good news for the most women out there.

The natural beauty and natural lifestyle whatever it may cost would be a victory of feminism though.

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However this so-called natural life comes with a price tag and circulates around the women. That is natural wine, natural parenting, natural foods and natural hairs and the other natural products there. Say 97% water which always make wonder a person why not to go with 100% water and a free version. See in the breast feeding which is natural act.

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But it also comes with the off-putting supplies checklist like nursing bras, pillows, pumps and storage bags.

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However the natural look is the stained teeth and monobrow. A splash of water on the prominent fine lined face and hairy armpits. The natural look trending now a days is just patriarchy, capitalism and beauty industry. Techmasair

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