Neural Interface (brain) Merged In Supercomputer!

Neural signaling in supercomputer has been used in current research published in a journal Frontiers in Neuroscience can be accessed publically. The computer has the neural networks which are similar to human brain and mimic best brain-simulation. The custom-built computer named SpiNNaker is great for accuracy, speed and is energy efficient.  It also has the ability to overcome speed and power consumption problems as compared to the conventional supercomputers. However, the breakthrough would help us to understand the neural processing in the brain related to disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease and epilepsy.

How it help to perceive brain?

Cortex is the outer layer of brain to receive and process information from senses. The computer is detail biological model of cortex of human brain as it is capable to deliver results with the software simulations. The large-scale neural networks at the low power consumption will help in learning and brain disorders as well as facilitates the robotic research.

neural interface

However the human brain is extremely complex with the interconnected brain cells. Neurons and components behave at the large scale to communicate, cognition and sense perception. Therefore the supercomputer with the help of neural network can exchange signals as simulations. The supercomputers the fastest of its kind is still can only simulate 1% activity of human brain.

The future development with neural interface

The European Human Brain Project and Julich Research Centre are extensively testing which computer architecture will be best suited to study whole-brain networks efficiency. The supercomputer today requires several minutes to stimulate one second of real-time. To study learning abilities in real-time needs further research.

neural interface

Neuromorphic (brain-inspired) computers have inspired us to investigate the energy efficiency of the brain using electronics. Another supercomputer software used in brain neuron-signaling is the NEST. The NEST and SpiNNaker simulation results are almost same. However, this is the first time that the detailed simulations of brain run on any supercomputer or neuromorphic platform. However the research is continue to increase real-time simulations with the neuromorphic computing system. Techmasair

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