Stop it! You can die by pulling out your nose hairs

It may seem awkward but your nose hairs do an important part to keep you healthy. There is a good reason why you should not pluck off your nose hair. A New York University otolaryngologist (who treats diseases and disorders related to nose, ear and throat) Dr. Erich Voigt described the nose filters out all the stuff you breathe in with the hairs every day.

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However there are two types of nose hairs: one you can see called the vibrissae, you often thought to pluck and the other one are microscopic cilia. These cilia are responsible to filter mucus and moving it back to nose, which can go into stomach. The vibrissae, visible in the front keep the large particles to make it far.

Nose Hairs

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But how you can be at the verge of death?

However if you pluck these hairs, particles and even germs near the follicles can get inside and also can cause infection. The otolaryngologist described the concept of ‘danger triangle’. It’s the area between your mouth and nose. The danger triangle makes you susceptible to pass infections which can infect your brain also.


The very reason behind this is the vein; that carry the blood out of nose meet up with the vein that carry blood out of the brain as well. If the germs successes to make their way back there, it could lead to meningitis (protective layer on the spinal cord and brain become inflamed). Or you may be able to get brain abscess (inflammation or swelling in the brain).

Although the chances of infection are rare but it can cause serious trouble to the people with weak immune system. This infection not only proves extreme but also deadly. So the next time if you want to pluck your stray hair inside your nose consider trimming it instead. But don’t go too close to the skin to keep your danger triangle out of problem. Techmasair



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