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Off-Earth Manufacturing Going To Be Exciting Adventure For Space Scientists!

Space is dangerous place for humans as it weakens muscles, Microgravity effects fluid, radiations tear our DNA. Interestingly, space is the perfect construction zone for the materials that show incredible strength, that can transmit information without any deformation, or form enormous crystal. With the developments as the cost of spaceflights decline, the construction and study of material in space will become cost-effective. Soon people might carry objects manufactured off-Earth.x

President and CEO of Made in Space, an in-space manufacturing company said, we make things by setting them in different environment, as we prepare food by heating it up and cause chemical reaction. So as we make steel by heating things up at high temperature and sometimes in a high pressure environment. Likewise we make things cold to make different materials. So the space manufactured materials are just another version of that, instead of heating reaction or cold reactions we take the things to space.

Some planned off-Earth constructions

In space, Microgravity helps materials to grow without any obstructions, mix evenly, and hold together without any supports. Moreover, ultra high vacuum enable the formations without impurities. Microgravity allows growth or expansion of materials evenly in every direction and particularly interested to create materials for miniaturized devices and computers.

A special type of fiber-optic cable called ZBLAN is the first space candidate. The cable is less likely to form tiny crystals when manufactured in space, which are the major cause of signal loss.

Microgravity helps to grow cells into large networks. In fact microgravity is one of dominant tool for growth of cell in pharmaceutical industry. Organ making will be promising money-making avenues in space research,

The source of excitement for in-space manufacturing is the buildings things for space. These things can never be constrained by the pull of Earth’s gravity. Space Company’s visioned to construct large-scale structures like space telescope or solar panels.

The challenges still face in-space manufacturing is to launch things in space. Whatever going to be constructed in space will be incredibly valuable but still expensive.

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