Scientist surprise disclosure of the world’s oldest color

According to the recent studies, scientists have revealed bright pink as the world’s oldest color. It is recently discover from the rocks that are 1.1 billion years old. The pink pigment was also present previously in marine black shales of the Taoudeni Basin in West Africa. However, according to the Dr. Nur Gueneli the pigment now discovered in the rocks seems to be 500 million years old as compared to previously discovered pigment.

Oldest Color

Oldest Color

But why the bright pink color?

Dr. Gueneli stated that the bright pink color is actually the molecular fossils of chlorophyll of a photosynthetic organism. The organisms were present in the ancient oceans and are now vanish completely. Dr. Gueneli and the team have crushed the rocks in the powder form to find out the pigments. The molecules of ancient organisms were extracted and analyzed inside the rocks.

The fossil molecules are in range of blood red to deep purple color and become bright pink when diluted. In the ancient era, the marine ecosystem dominate by cyanobacteria- photosynthetic bacteria. The food chain was dominated at that time (billion years ago) with the tiny cyanobacteria which is confirmed by the analysis of pigment also. The reason also explains why animals do not exist at that time. The chlorophyll gave the modern plants their green color.

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Researchers said the cyanobacteria start to disappear around 650 million years ago and ultimately complex life start to dominate at the planet. Around 650 million years ago the algae rapidly spread and led to the evolution of complex ecosystem. The complex ecosystem includes large animals and humans. The algae provide burst of energy to animals and human to thrive on Earth and also the base of food chain.

It also provides a hint that bacteria appeared much earlier than algae and dominated Earth hundreds of millions of years. Dr. Gueneli reaction was sheer amazement on the World’s oldest color produce by the organisms that live more than billion years ago. Techmasair

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