Google’s secret physical key to protect its employee

The phishing incidents dropped to zero after the Security physical Key, said Google. Phishing attacks are the various tricks that hackers use to give them your passwords, personal information or credit card number.

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In order to refrain from the nefarious kind of cyberattack the Google has given the extremely robust solution to its employees i.e. the physical key. The Google spoke person said to security blog Krebs on Security:

The security physical key has stopped the tricks of the attackers.

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The security keys are just like USB stick devices. It is made by YubiKey and requires two-factor authentication (2FA) method.

You might (however, should) be already using it. In this 2FA authentication method user or hacker must need more than user name and password for access.

The second factor may be a secret number you receive by trustable telephone number by SMS or the key generate by the authenticated apps like Google Authenticator.

No doubt these safety measures help. But however it also has a certain downsides. SMS messages are not secure and oftenly compromise by hackers.

Authentication apps are trustable and secure but not the hassle free. However the physical keys ruled out both problems.

There is no need of transmitted code, moreover no phone app required, and most important no punch in at login.

Physical Key

Google’s promising results could offer widespread adoption as well as momentum to the keys. Yubikey’s security key has the universal 2nd factor standard.

It is open-source and is support by number of companies and products like Facebook, Dropbox, Google and the browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.

However the Security keys have the universal support and will remain the first tool for the organizations and early adopters for security.

However as the lives changes completely due to internet, the physical key will be your best bet in order to keep yourself secure. We hope the practice will spread. Techmasair

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