Your poop can tell some serious facts about your health

Viewing your wellbeing is vital. We can regularly focus on the health by some signals that our body sends to us. The poop color, consistency and shape are one of them. Read the scientific facts that what our poop says about your health.

Poop color


Whitish, grayish or dirt shaded stool showed the issues with liver and gallbladder. The color is due to absence of bile; blocked bile pipes or gallstones to cirrhosis.


The green poop is due to excessive consumption of vegetables like spinach, and iron supplements.

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It can be due to blocked bile or poor fat retention. It may be also indication of absence of proteins by pancreas.


The dark color is due to prescription admission like ibuprofen, headaches medicines and iron supplements. Contact your specialist promptly in the case of dark poop.

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It can be due to your eating regimen such as tomatoes, beets, hued drinks. It might be due to blood. Call your specialist immediately.



Poop shape

Appearance like goat excrement

It indicates severe clogging. It implies your body needs fiber such as raspberries, pasta, lentils.

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Sausage molded appearance

It indicates constipation.  It may be due to absence of fiber, inactivity or due to anti-diarrheal medication.


Broke frankfurter appearance

This is normal stool. You are doing fine. Add more water in your routine to stay normal.

Soft, wiener molded and smooth appearance

This is the perfect stool. It means you are keeping good eating routine.


Soft bump with clear edges

It indicate light loose of the bowels. Add low-fiber nourishment like banana, potatoes, and wafers in your diet.

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Fluffy pieces with worn out edges

It means mild loose bowels. It might be due to excessive amount of fibers. Stick to potatoes and bananas. If the condition persists for 2 days then you should counsel a specialist.

Liquid without strong pieces

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It indicates severe loose bowels. It may be due to lack of nourishment, bacterial contamination or any prescription admission. Drink a lot of water to battle dehydration. Techmasair


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