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The Scent That Is Pricier Than Gold!

A traditional family business lies in the Hong Kong named as ‘Wing Lee Joss Sticks and Sandalwood Company’. The fragrance of incense stick wafted through the narrow shop front.

This particular earthy scent and pungent smell is of the wood known as Fragrant Harbour.

The scent is the prompt  the world financial hub which played a vital role in trade to the Middle East and beyond.

Yuen Wah started this business when he was 13 and then his son expanded the business in China.

He told Agarwood is always an expensive timber. It was a good painkiller s used in medicine in the past.

However now it is famous due to its incense. This agarwood comes from the Aquilaria trees.

These trees are present around the villages for their Feng Shui properties. But when these trees get damage, timber attack by mould, and this infected wood is harvested.

The infected, resinous, dark wood is pared away to get the cream-colored, scentless, healthy wood.

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The precious resin sought after is known as the ‘King of Incense’.

It was highly valuable commodity and was traded in Middle East and Asia. It has also the spiritual connection with Buddhism, Islam, Christianity and Taoism. Today, small amount of agarwood resin is harvested which is being sold in 2014 around HK$58,000 per kilogram.

Large logs up to several meters and hand-carved sculptures (artworks) are been sold by HK$1.2 million.

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Agarwood is use to distilled oil called as Oud oil and also use in perfume and incense.

Oud oil is the essential ingredient in the high-end perfumes such as Yves Saint Laurent’s M7 Oud Absolu and Amani Prive’s Oud Royal.

The oil is so expensive and often called as ‘liquid gold’ priced nearly HK$300,000 per kilogram.

In the past few decades the demand of agarwood is significantly increase result in the extinction of the specie. The government is planting the sampling but it needs several years to mature. Techmasair

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