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Should We Be Playing God By Cloud Seeding Or Weather Controls!

Due to climate change droughts are becoming more common. According to UN, almost half population will be water stress by 2030. Countries are trying to mitigate by cloud seeding induced rainfall. Supercooled water needs particles to condense on them such as dust or salt (with an ice crystal structure). These condensed particles are clouds which subsequently fall as rain. This rain process often lacks in the atmosphere. While in cloud seeding substances taken up in the aircraft and drop onto clouds.

Is cloud seeding real?

Playing with seems something from future but this phenomenon was discovered by Dr Vincent Schaefer in 1946. He was first person who actually do something about the weather and not just talk about it. Governments have been implementing this cloud seeding method for decades. World Meteorological Association estimated, 56 countries had cloud seeding operations in 2016 while 42 countries in 2011. China also used the cloud seedings operations to prevent rain away during Beijing Olympics in 2018 and induced rain before the opening ceremonies.

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Cloud seedings activities improve precipitation by 5 to 15 per cent which result in more rain. The Wyoming Weather Modification program reported seeded thunderstorms lasted 20 minutes longer and rain from seeded storms almost one and a half times more than the untreated ones.

Cloud seeding has also had somehow uncertain effects. China used cloud seeding to end drought in 2009, but severe temperature drop is faced. It caused highways and road closed and traffic delayed in Beijing.

The Science and Technology Committee stated in a report in 2010, the difference in peaceful and hostile usage of cloud seedings is much less. A country may face drought and humanitarian crisis with lack of rain as theft by neighboring countries.

Some say cloud seedings is interference in the role of god but other say playing with weather is not anything new. Human influence nature in many ways as; driving pollutants emitting cars, adding fertilizers to crop etc. The technological advancements to ensure rain enhancement with cloud seeding is becoming safer and more affordable.

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