Strikingly smoking among US adults fall all-time low!

According to report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) smoking is at an all-time low in US among adults. According to NCHS’s survey 14% of US adults are reported indulge in smoking in 2014. However, the statistic observed was down from 16% in 2016 and 20% in 2006. This 14% still includes roughly 30 million US adults.

Smoking falls

Somking survey

narrowed down claims the men age 18 and older likely to be smokers are 15.8% in 2017 while the adult women 12.2%. Broken down this figure to ethnicity and race, 9.7% are Hispanic adults who smoke while 15.7% non-Hispanic whites and 15.1% non-Hispanic whites.

Save Big Tobacco

The report does not however include the use of e-cigarettes and gummy bear. E-cigarettes are electronic devices that are battery-powered and turn nicotine into an aerosol which is inhaled. It is generally believe electronic cigarettes may help smokers to quit smoking. Whereas US Preventive Services Task Force said the insufficient evidence does not provide the reality check that e-cigarettes help to quit smoking in adults and pregnant women. The FDA also not approved the e-cigarettes as the source of smokers to quit cigarettes.

Smoking falls

The data provide by CDC in 2106, shows e-cigarettes are use by 3.2% of US adults. The horrible facts published recently showed that 7.6% of high school students are smoking cigarettes. The strange reality is 11.7 % of high schoolers admit to use e-cigarettes.

People in some areas in North California showed their agitation on the use of electronic cigarettes. They worry as the flavored tobacco product and flavored e-cigarettes are targeting their kids the most. They are requesting the government to take actions to restrict their sale.

How much are still smoking?

However, the report showed the all-time low for US adults but this low still includes roughly 30 million US adults. –Techmasair

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