Elon Musk sent the most powerful spacex rocket with his car

Elon Musk spacex just began the adventure. He stunningly managed to pull off the shooting abroad most powerful spacex rocket on Earth.  His mission is to define the coming decade with most efficient way of carrying things and people in our solar system. This powerful space rocket marks the beginning of new race.


The whole world is incredibly excited when the spacex founder Elon Musk managed to successfully launch the rocket. The greatest firework was anticipate if it went wrong. But the rocket managed to lift off as the mission entirely planned. The science fiction just provoked the strange excitement. The livestream of an electric car floating in space while the carrier land back safely on Earth, evokes the feelings of living in future.

The mission of the powerful rocket defines our future. It would landmarks the beginning of important market in the universe. And the spectacular trips to explore the planets of solar system and successful human trips.

Why is all this excitement for this powerful spacex rocket?

The rocket is powerful but this is not just important in itself.  The tremendous rocket is not the most powerful as the Nasa Space Launch System will beat it when finally launches. But this rocket runs cheaply and tendency of re-use at relatively little expense.

Moreover, the launch would be a big deal as the Elon Musk own car in installed in the rocket. The car itself has no reason to be going to space apart from publicity stunt. Indeed the rocket could carry important scientific instruments but is being done to flair a story and desire to make people talk.

The rocket has been send up by Spacex but not NASA to allow private company to take interest and corporate space travel. However the travel is still co-ordinated with NASA. Techmasair

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