The flu remedy to ease the situation

Flu is a common viral infection spread by coughing and sneezing. Until now there is no cure to the condition but the home remedies that can ease the situation.

Stay home to take rest

Flu can spread by coughing, sneezing, breathing and personal contact. In the situation it is necessary to avoid going out, school or office. Take rest as much as you can. Enjoy yourself with movies, dramas, seasons or just lie down to able your body to battle the virus. Working and tiredness can worsen the situation and can cause headaches, teary eyes, eye pains, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, vomiting and fever. Thus, it is better to stay at home to take the necessary rest.

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More fluid intake in flu

Take more and more liquids. It may be water, fruit juices, sports drinks, broth based soups, coffee or tea. It will make ease to spit out mucus that otherwise stick up in the lungs to cause infection. Better to take more fruits.

Treat aches or fever

Aches and fever is most common in flu. It is due to the fight between your body and virus. Headaches and fever should be treated according to the doctor’s prescription. Take the antibiotics if you have headaches, fever, pain in ear or forehead, sore throat, cough or vomiting.

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Steam or humidifier

Breathing in steam can open airways, ease congestion and make it better to breathe. Add some eucalyptus oil or few drops of menthol to have better effects. You can also dab the nose or chest with menthol- infused ointment. Run the humidifier, if the air in your house is dry. Suck the soothing lozenge so as to moisten your throat.

Nasal drops

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Saline nasal drops can be used as they are safe even for the kids. It also prevents sore throat and clears the stuff from your nostrils. You should gargle with salty warm water to rinse out irritant and germs in sore throat. You can also use nasal straps to open your nose.


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