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The hair care mistakes that you are probably making

Diet for hair care

It’s critical to care for your diet to maintain healthy, fresh, shiny long hairs all the time. Eat eggs; enriched in proteins for your hairs. Include spinach and leafy greens in your diet to provide iron. Whole grains provide biotin. Proteins, iron and biotin consequently increase your hairs growth and nourishment.

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Wash your hair

Thoroughly rinse your hairs with warm water before applying shampoo. Mix the shampoo with some water which will make it easy to spread even and penetrate deeper. Apply shampoo in the scalp as the roots that are usually the oiliest. Never scrub the scalp it may cause abrasion. Shampooing twice may also damage the hairs and strip off the natural oils.

Use conditioner

Don’t wash your hairs daily as it may dehydrate the scalp. Hairs need moisture. Choose wisely the branded shampoo and conditioner for your hairs. Don’t apply conditioner in the scalp, as it may make the roots oily. Apply the conditioner from mid to ends of the hair, ends are usually driest. Wash off conditioner with cold water as to retain moisture and closes the cuticles. Furthermore, it prevents moisture absorption from environment and hairs getting frizzy.

Use less hair products

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Allow natural drying of your hairs. Do not rub your hairs with a towel. Always blot dry gently. Never use the hair products that irritate your scalp. Don’t use hair dry as it will dry your scalp and disturb hair texture. Avoid coloring if your scalp is dry. Use dryer, straighter and curler less often to protect your hair damage.

Apply natural ingredients

Oiling the hairs with natural oils once in week or twice is necessary to strength your hairs. Message your scalp with jojoba oil and coconut oil to keep it moisturize. Use natural ingredients as serums for deep conditioning as, raw egg, curd, mustard oil, avocado and peppermint oil.

Hairs are vulnerable to scorching sunlight, drying winds and even water. The good care of your hairs and scalp stave off baldness and keep your hairs stylized and shine.

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