The qualities of men that are most attracted to women

Every man wants to look hot to the women. Women are not attracted to just appearance of man. Surprisingly women are more interested in character and personality of men. Here are the traits which women are looking for in men.

Moral integrity

Women find men attractive who has guts to be good, caring and kind; not with her but to all. She wants the man who can stand for her in every situation; a man who has the capabilities of taking commitments and withstand with forever.

Sense of humor

Sense of humor is the top attractive quality of men; for a women. Good sense of humor can make her laugh and she will procrastinate the time spend with you later on.

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Passion and intelligence are symbol of success. Men who are passionate for their work, art or habits always attract women. Moreover, the problem solvers are the men, women feel secure with.


A confident man ensure woman to feel safe with him. It shows the man is able to deal uncertain situations, handle unfamiliar person and circumstances.


The men who pay attention to women words and her emotions are the ideal for women. Women feel safe and satisfied with the man who listen to her; even her childish talks.


Romance appeals women the most. It is the powerful display of your love with her and in turn she will give you the best from her side too.

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Cooking for her

Women fantasize the situation when you cook (may be a bad one) for her. It gives her the feelings that you are ready to own her.

Earning potential

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Man’s success in his career, talent and achievements make her confident that you are a good provider and bright future together.

Sense of style

Tall, dark and handsome man can only become perfect when he knows about the symmetry dressing. Good dressing sense and smile on face is the ultimate attraction.


Muscular fitness is the indication of discipline and self control. It tells women that you are able to keep up with her, in bed and out.

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