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The Wonders Of Strange Human Organ Brain Explained By Astronauts!

Human may not be only one to have brains but they might be only one specie to use brain to leave the planet. What is the mystery behind the use of complex organ- brain by just human beings but not by other creatures on Earth?

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In new episode of ‘One Strange Rock’ on National Geographical Channel, eight retired astronauts discuss the complexity of human brain, how it intelligently evolved to become spacefaring species. Will Smith hosted the documentary and explained the perspective of former astronauts about Earth.

Leland Melvin, the former NFL football player takes the lead by incredibly explaining what the brains are capable of. Melvin said, it looks like lump of Jell-O but the most complex thing in our universe. Inside it is the network of 100 trillion connections is more than the number of stars in our Milky Way.

Melvin holds degree in engineering and has personal experience with the mystery of human brains working. Melvin lost hi shearing before his first spaceflight during a spacewalk simulation in NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory at Johnson Space Center in Houston.

His space training suit should have small foam block- Valsalva; which allows astronaut to clear their ear by pressing nose against it. Despite Melvin could not relieve the pressure, continue the training. Until lost all his hearing.

Melvin said in the show that I was completely deaf. Surprisingly doctors could not find anything wrong after the accident. Rather the problem was with his brain and ear- somehow lose the connection between them. His hearing started to recover after three weeks and it took him nearly two years to return properly. Finally, he was able to fly his first shuttle mission.

His recovery was not the modern medicine’s miracle but his brain to adapt to circumstances. He said, brain make adjustments to compensate losses or changes, which able him to regain hearing. I will never take it for granted again.

Brains are complex organ which scientists don’t fully understand up till now.  Why humans only blessed with intricate brain? If life existed 3 billion years ago on Earth; then how the brains evolved? How did first brain come from?  Melvin and his fellow scientists explained it in the episode of ‘One Strange Rock’ on aired on May 21.

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