Trump, Kim sign document at the end of historic summit

US president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un signed a document aimed for denuclearization of Korean peninsula. The comprehensive document signed at the historic summit in Singapore. However, there are no details published of the content.

The breakthrough just starts a diplomatic process and could impact security landscapes in the Northeast Asia region. Before signing, Kim said the historic meeting between two leaders to leave the past behind. The change will be observed now.

Trump said the denuclearisation will happen very quickly. He further added that he had formed a special bond with Kim, which would lead to different relationship with North Korea now on to lead more and more.

I will deliberately welcome Kim to White House, responded Trump. North Korean leader described the meeting a good prelude to peace. They both first appear serious and cautious then in the cameras of world’s press they showed geniality, which after the handshake turned into smiles and holding each other by the arm.

Kim said Trump; whole world is watching us and will think this scene from a fantasy world or science- fiction movie. As the Trump marked the meeting very good and good relationship, the Kim also sounded to have prospects peace.

  • Residents of China border city hoped peace

The resident of China border city seemed to benefit a lot from US- North Korea summit in Singapore. They hoped for peace and cross-border business booster. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told the reporters that the two leaders meeting and equal talks are in fact positive and creating a new history. The peninsula nuclear issues are basically the security issues for US and North Korea as well. It is important to find a way of security issues through equal talks. There would be full denuclearisation to resolve nuclear issues. However this would be peace mechanism to resolve reasonable security concern.

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