Elevate your bathroom posture with Turbo Stool

Modern toilets are causing problem in pooping. Squatting position is recommended while pooping is to use stool. Squatting position is more natural and straightens by using stool the, colon for a clean release. A simple switch to squatting can relives you from constipation, pelvic floor dysfunction, hemorrhoids, urinary infection and other colon diseases.

Turbo stool

The angle makes all the difference while sitting for pooping. When we sit, it creates the anorectal angle, which puts kink and upward pressure on the rectum. The colon does not relax fully. It makes harder to get feces out.

Squatting corrects the angle and removes kinks. Thus help to achieve easy and more complete elimination. Squatting completely remove kink and properly align colon. Squatting also make labor faster and easier as well.

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It’s all about the Angle

Squatty potty, Fusion turbo stool is a height adjustable stool to sit in a squatting position and poop in all better and natural position. Just sit on the regular toilet and adjust the stool to your comfortable right position. Load your feet on it and lean forward a bit. After the use you can store it back just easily under the toilet bowl. Fusion can be easily adjusted to the toe-platform height according to your height, experience and taste. It will serve you best if you never squat or a pro-squatter.

There are various adjustable sizes. You will feel immediate difference after first time use. The elimination problems will greatly reduced in just changing the sitting position. It also keep your position balanced while in pregnancy too. Another advantage is that it can help you in training your baby to potty just sit in right place. The stool is also perfect height to climb up the toilet for kids. It would be best replacement of the convertible toilet seats for you child. Techmasair

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