UFO Phenomenon Is Still Mysterious Since 70 Years!

July 2, 2018 was the World UFO day. The day celebrated with full enthusiasm. Seventy years has passed and still the mysteries remain unsolved behind the unidentified flying objects. Strange where they came from? No one knows. No close clue still in 70 years how the hundreds of thousands people witnessed the flying saucers.

The history of ‘Flying saucers’

The flying saucers were first encounter by Kenneth Arnold on June 24th 1947 when he was in his private airplane. He spotted nine, glowing bright blush-white objects nearby. The objects were moving in v-shaped formation, 1200 miles an hour resembling a military exercise. The objects were not any known aircrafts as the no aircraft has capability to fly in this formation at that time. Possibly no aircraft match the speed and altitude at that time. The flying object still can not identified.

The UFO experts declared the objects as the evidence of something from space or life from other planets. However, UFO thinks that no other alien life could be more advanced than us, leaping the universe in the blink of eye. With all the technology involved and advanced sensors with trained pilots, yet the Nay had not offered any explanations. It appears they do not want to investigate the matter further. However, with the smartphones revolution people show interest to capture the any signature of UFO existence. But on evidence was recorded seemed aliens abduction since last ten years.

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The state of UFOs today

Still we are no near the clue as the ‘flying saucers’ were secret government aircrafts, mass hallucinations or actually from another planet. However, this matter requires the serious and satisfactory scientific explanation, credibility of observation, good understandings of the phenomena. The bulk of scientific community is still unconvinced by the UFOs scientific anomaly. It is because the extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof as the evidence is clear violation of laws of physics. Techmasair

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