Ways to make effective communication in a Business meeting

Any elements that distort the message you conveying is known as the communication barrier. The verbal and nonverbal communication defines the message. For example, if you saying someone that he is looking good in the haircut. It depends upon your vocal tone and inflections that you appreciate their look or expressing sarcasm.  The barrier in the communication makes the message inappropriate in the business meetings or in the formal presentations. Here are the ways to effectively communicate with your listeners.


Jargon is the technical terms or language. These technical words can understand by the specific group or cultures and make other clueless. Such as if IT department is attempting to explain the CEO of the company about the internet issues and uses the terms only experts can understand. The CEO will not be able to understand the message.

Facial expression

Facial expressions are the revelations of your idea. They can interfere with your verbal communication or convey something else entirely. Example is when you are presenting a novel idea to make a deal with other company, if you are not presenting it confidently than others will also reject it.

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Paralanguage is the tone, inflection or volume used to express the words. If a person is talking loudly, he might be frustrated. In other way if you are speaking positive words with the mocking tone then the message can become sardonic.

Body language

The use of physical body i.e. position, stance or action to communicate. If you communicate in a meeting just looking up at the content or turn your back towards listeners, it also loses their interest towards you. Lack of clarity or ambiguity in your message may make the recipient confused.

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Wrong channel or setting

The message travels form sender to the receiver. If you are dealing a corporate meeting through telephone then it may make your message unclear. Your physical absence may taken as negative behavior. Moreover, setting also plays a main role. So the authorized person has to sit at the position where he can communicate with all the individuals.

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