What does this tiny creature mushroom do on earth?

Mushroom as a food, is not only tasty and extremely appealing. Mushrooms are edible fungi. But most species are non edible and highly poisonous. Strikingly, they look almost similar to edible type. Mushrooms have the abilities to absorb the material they grow in; toxin, heavy metals, air or water pollutants. That is why they can be poisonous when consumed. However, do not trust any unknown vendor when you buy except the reputable companies or stores. A single poisonous mushroom can threaten a person life; result in coma, convulsions, cramps, vomiting or poison symptoms. Avoid picking one unless you are trained to identify them and discolored one. Besides this, mushrooms can be self grown in controlled conditions to get these health benefits.

Lowers cholesterol

They are high in lean proteins and help to burn cholesterol. The overall balance between HDL good and bad cholesterol LDL, prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Anemia treatment

Anemia is termed as low red blood cells. Mushrooms are rich in iron. Iron is required for blood cell proliferation and to control anemia.

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Mushroom prevents cancer

Mushrooms are high in beta-glucans and conjugated linoleic acid; anti-carcinogenic. They help to prevent breast and prostate cancer. They are the potential antitumor when used medicinally.

Prevent diabetes

They have no fats, no carbs, high in proteins and vitamins. They are ideal low energy diet for diabetes, and also promotes the formation of insulin.

Improve bone health

Mushrooms are also rich in calcium; generally essential for bone strength.

Nutrient absorption

Edible mushrooms have vitamin D, which is not found in any other vegetable. Vitamin D thus facilitate the metabolism of calcium and phosphorous.

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Boost immune system

The master antioxidant ‘Ergothioneine’ is present in mushrooms. The antioxidant protects from free radicals and boost immune system. However, it also contains natural antibiotics similar to penicillin.  The antibiotic inhibits microbial growth and fungal infections.

Rich in selenium

Mushrooms have high selenium content; in fact the only source of selenium for vegetarians. Selenium is good for the strength of teeth, hair and nails.

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